🇮🇷 Iran nuclear deal: US and UK react to Tehran's decision | Al Jazeera English

🇮🇷 Iran nuclear deal: US and UK react to Tehran's decision | Al Jazeera English

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British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speak to the media regarding the Iran nuclear deal.
Hunt says it would be a setback for the region if Iran obtains nuclear weapons.
Al Jazeera reports live from London.

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can the Iran nuclear deal survive what are you prepared to do to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive and whose side are you on here Tehran or Washington at mr. secretary if Iran enriches more uranium what all the united states do what sanctions are you further sanctions are you prepared to contemplate and is there not a danger here that's the greater the more pressure the United States places on Iran ends up not with Iran changing its behavior but a an increasing risk of war are you really prepared to contemplate the risk of war in Iran first on the Iran nuclear deal it is a very important achievement of Western diplomacy that despite all the problems that we have in the Middle East today Iran does not have nuclear weapons and its neighbors have not responded by getting their own nuclear weapons and the secretary Pompeo and I are at one in agreeing that it will be a massive step back for that region if it became nuclearized jcpoa is a deal and in return for a lifting of sanctions Iran has agreed to vital compliance measures if they break that deal then there will be consequences in terms of how European powers react so we urged the Iranians to think very long and hard before they break that deal it is in no one's interested is certainly not in their interest because the moment they go nuclear their neighbors will as well and so that's why this is a very serious moment and we we strongly urge them to reconsider what they said in their letter so not far from here of the church or war rooms where a leader of this great country stared evil in the face and recognized the threat which approved that that evil presented to the entire world we're working together to push back against that threat your question about whose side of your honor this is a parlor game that that gets played we're on the same side we're on the side of values-driven democracy were on the side of freedom we're on the side of creating a nation for the Iranian people where they can have religious freedom and they can have a democracy we're on the side of Europe so that it can exist without assassination campaigns being conducting its own capitols we're on this side together we're on the side of urging a nation not to underwrite Hezbollah which presents risks to Israel these are things that Jeremy and I and our two countries share and have in common and we are each determined to ensure that that outcome is ultimately achieved right wall street journal' thank you both mr. secretary what does the selective non-compliance announcement from Iran specifically mean for the u.s. I mean does it does it change anything I'm you know is are you concerned that this removes remaining safeguards against nuclear activity and for mr. foreign secretary are you ruling out immediate sanctions you sound as though you're you're urging Iran to to resume or remain in compliance are you ruling out an immediate response from the UK and from Europe more broadly and beyond that is there a red line so as for the United States first of all I've I've seen the reporting and seen the letter that's been said I think it was intentionally ambiguous we'll have to wait to see what Iran's actions actually are they've made a number of statements about actions they threatened to do in order to get the world to jump we'll see what they actually do the United States will wait to observe that and and when we did we'll make good decisions we've obviously we've made a decision different than the United Kingdom has with respect to the jcpoa and so the Iran's decision to depart from the JCP for us mostly is about their decision to work on their nuclear program to create pathways which might reduce their breakout time these are the things that are essential for us to continue to work and to observe and I am confident that as we watch Iran's activity that the United Kingdom and our European partners will move forward together to ensure that Iran has no pathway for their weapon system according to the letter that we've received this morning there's a 60-day window before Iran plans to do anything and they need to be very clear that if they don't comply with the jcpoa there will be consequences and I'm sure that I'm speaking for my European colleagues in that respect as well this is a very big moment for Iran their economy is in a state of severe distress it's the last thing they should be doing for the Iranian people to be investing money in renew clear izing and it will make them less secure not more secure

45 thoughts on “🇮🇷 Iran nuclear deal: US and UK react to Tehran's decision | Al Jazeera English

  1. 40 years Iran in sanctions from the day of Revelation after. Bringing the war. To try selling the weapons and make own military strength. But the never care how many people are lost, family kids because of they greedy at 2017 Trump stay play around they break the deal, not Iran. They just trying to control said
    the UK put himself in bad action with some war guy same Bolton

  2. I think the USA forget when the bombing Hiroshima Japan.
    And Uk.USA most never forget they does everting against Iran by support military money weapons and giving them comical bombs to put in the head of Iranian
    Now you talk against Hezbollah because fight for the country and all family killed by hand of isrealin

  3. Pompeo as usual dodging the question and going into ancient history.
    There is no deal now the USA broke the deal.
    There is a clause in the deal that clearly says if any party breaks the Agreement the Agreement ceases to exist.

  4. america is not changeing his behaviour.. everytime deceives. i can not appoint gatekeeper with such a behaviour who change his statements evertime. try to deceive everytime. and have been deceiving for a long time. treaten everytime.. worst human behaviour .no free nation accept such a behaviour even america dont accept this behaviour

  5. This white devil said and I quote ( once Iran go nuclear their neighbor will as well do) but isn't Israel in the middle East with 300 + nuclear weapons.

  6. Its like the Iraq War Fabrication All Over Again!!! America's main motto nowadays is to gain profits selling weapons & using them to Destabilize Nations…Then be a cry baby about refugees and immigrants!! The War with Iran is just to please Trumps Puppet Master – The Saudis!!

    PS : They talk about democracy, sanctions, liberty and peace…Please go look at your best friend Israel, as to how many UN sanctions should've been imposed on them till date!

  7. Non sense
    How Americans or Europe or even anyone can trust iran's regime who put the opposition leader in a house of rest for years.???????

  8. Iran is a threat to the world. Its government has coused its people a lot of stress. I Wouldn't blame trump if he went to war with its evil department.

  9. israel has the atomic bomb and the non existing god knows who else
    but common sense tells me stop the sanctions and let any state solvere own problems
    as everyone knows the sunctions driven north koreans to develop the hydrogen bomb
    great job by the way

  10. About time Britain stood up to these warmongers and told them where to get off as its obvious what the US is up too just regime change as usual such liars too don't believe the US propaganda

  11. I like the psychology of British accent which gives more time to think versus American quick to act. Certainly, a combination has been good for the two partner collectively.

  12. The world is gonna invade US in time. Russia and China will back up Iran. The EU is about one world govt and will join in the slaughter.

  13. why do not you shut up and get American back to deal? Why Iran still follow the deal meanwhile Americans suctioning Iran? Would you accept that if you were Iran? Americans is the biggest threat to human beings in the earth!

  14. so let me get this straight, the only country in the world that used nuclear weapons are theatening another country because they want to get nuclear weapons to defend against that country . If i were an iraninan it would be hard for me to listen or to trust americans wich openly bragged on TV that they toppled iranian government with only 60.000$

  15. This is an stupidity, why the reporters do not ask them, for the real issue?

    All this is an hypocrisy if there was a deal, why the others members (France, UK, Russia, China) did not punish to US, when they violated the deal. They talk to much and do not do anything to solve the problem. All of them are in the same sack. They create the problem and then do not want any reaction.

  16. Why is it OK for these countries to have nuclear weapons but yet continuously question why Iran shouldn't have any?

    To all my right wing Europeans, this is exactly why you have a high influx of refugees in your countries because of puppets who serve the interests of the banks and not the interest of the people.

    These puppets are under direct order to purposefully continue destabilize the middle east. Iran has not been in any war over 100 years whilst America/UK on the other hand have been continuously involving themselves in wars for the better part of 2 decades.

    In any sensible mind it's clear that both the US and UK disqualify in giving any advice regarding who should have nuclear weapons and who shouldn't!

    People of the world wake up the US and UK will always continue to wage wars against any other country who do not serve the Rothschild banking system!

    Countries are systematically getting taking out and people are still sleeping…..

  17. When You used YOUR NUCLEAR BOMB ON japan that was fair !!! now tell me what is wrong to let this country to do what its want ? well i will give the answer You dont want a country to be in progress and fully developed because the fact your aim and target is to lead them like other countries which i dont want to call out their names well Iran is an Aryans they dont obey the do what their brain say Go and read few books in history about the Aryans and see what exactly they are during Wars

  18. When its done
    make Sure, no fun
    media will know
    No more throw
    blames are bad
    Unproved, so sad
    please its disturbing
    heavens, seemingly

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