"Are you angry right now?" Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Passive Aggressive Journalist in Interview 2019

"Are you angry right now?" Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Passive Aggressive Journalist in Interview 2019

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Watch as Jordan Peterson keeps his cool in the face of a passive aggressive journalist. The balls on this dude….

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does anyone even logic one is really one of the things you're famous for saying is that you found it difficult to debate with as with certain types of women yeah because the normal things you would have recourse to if you were debating mean and not available to you and what you meant there was you couldn't hit it you know I did it's it's it's known among men that there are limits to the manner in which you can interact and that those limits don't necessarily apply when you're dealing with women especially women of a certain sort and there's no way of regulating that and that's a big problem that's what I meant and I think that it's true it's obvious a lot of women we're surprised to hear that and as well I would have thought a lot of men was surprised to hear that because I'm my experience is that men don't generally engage in their interactions on the basis of suppressing their anger which is what you're really getting at they don't engage in their interactions on the basis of I've got to moderate and they regulate their behavior so that that anger isn't necessary why you strike me as angry and I wonder why you're angry I guess I'm not sure why I strike you as angry you don't feel angry at the moment mm-hmm well okay generally no I wouldn't say so I mean most of the places that I go look I can tell you what my life is like you can tell me if you think this would be a life that would make you angry okay everywhere I go I'm stopped by people at least a dozen times a day I would say five times an hour they're often young men but not always almost all of them are exceptionally polite when they approach me they'd like to have a picture they'd like to talk to me and they'd like to tell me why their life is substantially better since they've encountered my work and I've gone to I don't know a dozen countries maybe more 15 countries and talked to at least 10,000 people who've told me that story over and over and so imagine what your life would be like if everywhere you went what people did was come up to you and thank you because what they did helped you not commit suicide and get out of your addiction stop being alcoholic and take responsibility for your life try to put your family together and that things are much much better and that they're often in tears it's not something that makes you angry it's something that makes you hurt it's not making you angry now it's hurt it's hurtful to see how much need there is for that in society and how unfortunate is that people need such a small amount of encouragement to lift themselves out of those sorts of places of hell and it is it's it is irritating to me I would say that men in particular young men have been discouraged to the point where that's such a common occurrence when they need so little encouragement to move forward in a productive and progressive direction I accept that what surprises me is that the context of it is a context in which the me is stressed and the more traditional questions of how you fit in how you do how you how you cope with an evolving society rather than be able to encouraging people to stand back and go actually the encouraging says that the way society is involving is wrong and we can step back from it and we can't stop it it seems to me there's an austere upon this idea that the meze at the center of this so I talked to a young man a month ago who stopped his heroin addiction about a year ago and it was as a consequence of watching my lectures and he said he's had 12 of his friends do the same thing and I insist continually that if you're treating yourself properly you're doing it in a way that also benefits your family and also benefits the community there's a strong communitarian ethos in there and it has nothing to do with a what would you call it a focused individualism we had that series of statements from you speaking clearly is one of your 12 rules and I wonder why it is that in a situation like that in many other situations what actually happens is that you sow confusion I don't sow confusion the journalist and interview me so confusion the woman think why do you think that her get misinterpreted in your views so with her it was absolutely clear I spent two days with her and we spent 30 seconds talking about enforcement agha me and she very smart woman and she knew exactly what I meant and chose to make that the centerpiece of the article for for I would say to attract attention in a way that was completely an approach you know it's not just the journalist from the New York Times you know that this happens over and over and over yes the journalists read each other's journalism what I'm saying with you the follow know the fault is sometimes with me I mean it's not like I every always say everything perfectly but there's there's no it's I mean it's getting dull to read the journalistic accounts because they're just mirror images of everything that's been written over the last year and a half and the same old things there's ten epithets that are generally thrown at me every one that you can possibly think of and people have gone over everything I've said to my students for the last thirty years almost all of which is recorded and found absolutely no evidence for any of that even once I would say that there is a lot online of journalists actually trying to interview used seriously trying to get towards a proper understanding and that what you just said to me is a very common thing you say I've been over the evidence there is no evidence anywhere it just means it's been over the evidence I mean it been trying to take me out who've been over the evidence and have not been able to find any last year you said asked what you would say to Justin Trudeau your prime minister and you said you thought for a while and you said dividing people into their tribal groups can do nothing but bear evil fruit in the long time in the long run I wonder if there isn't a very good example of the assumption that the world was properly organized before when really it's always been in tribes always been in classes and then gender groups and in races and the organization of the world in that way has always born evil fruit and I wonder in addition to that whether you recognize that you are one of the world's leaders of identity politics and no I don't think you are a champion for an identity group what would be the identity group I mean no I think that that's an appalling accusation and I think if you go to my talks for example that there's no evidence that that's the case and it's certainly you suit and they have no evidence that that's my readership and even if it was the case that the predominant people that I'm talking to our men between the ages of 25 and 35 that doesn't make me an identity politician and those people need to be talked to to how does that not make you an identity politician those people fighting and arguing they shouldn't be talked to I'm just I'm just wondering why you would say that you went and intellectual leader for that group of people and many others no I'm not inviting them specifically to what I'm doing that's just how it's turned out and the part of the reason for that is because the YouTube YouTube viewership is 80% male across the board that has nothing to do with me there's a woman's book shop called the woman's book shop in the city I'm allowed a man it's it's not an exclusive thing it's you wouldn't want to argue that a woman's book shop calling itself that wasn't explicitly feminist because of cultures but I don't call my book something that's specifically devoted to men and the vast majority of my students throughout my academic career have been women at least 80% of them and certainly it's a very large proportion of women that are there reading and buying the book so this is just a trope that journalists use your audience is primarily angry young white men it's like okay fine I've talked to about 350,000 people in the last year and there hasn't been one incident one in untoward incident of any sort by any single one of the people who've come to my talks and that's 350,000 people so where's the aggressor you see what you've just done there you took what I said and took it to an extreme I didn't talk about angry I just see it might mean I accept that the angry side is a very small corner yeah but okay Bob Palin she will never love you Tom Aragon la Luna

48 thoughts on “"Are you angry right now?" Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Passive Aggressive Journalist in Interview 2019

  1. The pacience of Jordan is like a shepard dog explaining every day to the ducks , sheep and pigs ( media leftwing snowflakes) from the farm to stay in the yard close to the house and all they do is gang up on him and try to boicot every move he does…..they cant realize that the wolves are just hiding and waiting outside in the woods hungry and with no mercy….

  2. What the hell is this editing with the Call of Duty hit-marker noises? It is as childish as the person Dr. Peterson is dealing with in this clip. What a great look for the 'NZ Herald'.

    I don't know how Dr. Peterson maintains the energy to deal with these over grown children tbh, I guess he does it for the spectators and viewers, not to "convince" or educate these people he deals with I guess.

  3. And once again for the umptieth time – we see a journalist trying to outperform Jordan with the same result. The journalist ends up looking just as stupid as the other idiots that have interviewed Jordan.

  4. Soooo is Ellen bad because her audience is all women? Same with those other talk shows that are all women and only have 3 guys in the audience? No. Gosh some people are silly.

  5. Mr bulbous-red-balloon-type-forehead-with-shittyhaircut interviewer must have had a real stinker of a headache after this encounter with JP.
    Jordan took him apart with clinical perfection.
    You moron Simon Wilson

  6. This interviewer is a fucking creep, you can see the desperation in his feeble little voice he's trying to bait/trigger JP into a rage. It's just weird.

  7. he does strike me as being angry most of the time but maybe its just his passion….i guess the two are similer…by the way your title sucks..you need to pay more attention to what Peterson is about.

  8. This "journalist" may have been influenced by the same drama classes as senator Schumer, another B grade actor like this clown, with his glasses hanging on the end of his nose……..Bit players who place the same mistaken high regard on their thespian prowess,…Both Schumer and this New Zealand stooge of a reporter think that by looking the part, they somehow become learned……….Their verbalizations remove any such evaluation, and expose the true value of their mental capacities, there having NEVER been any doubt as to their motives, from the outset of any conversation.

  9. I don't understand how can he be so calm. I would have destroyed his face with my fists after the first passive aggressive remark.

  10. Is this interviewer brain dead? JP should simply not accept to be interviewed by such people. I saw somewhere Tony Stark being interviewed by some obnoxious prick and after warning him, Tony just left. That's the right response.

  11. the host is confusing stern and focused with "angry". that happens a lot the first week of Military bootcamp…..you feel the Drill instructor is "mean and angry"; Then, after deployment, you realize he was just serious,stern and focused and trying to help you survive your new world.

  12. Definition of elitist white liberal. No brain a sellout. Embarrassing and I’m biracial by the way and agree with Jordan 90% of time

  13. Jordan Peterson dispels confusion and articulates what so many if us want to say, but neither have the words nor the platform. Thank you Jordan. You're the quintessential Dad.

  14. Peterson just bent this tool over and clown-fucked him in front of his husband. Brilliant.

  15. Love how the interviewer completely disregard each erson Jordan has helped, he only cares about making him angry,

  16. God Created man and woman . The end. This is a mere consequence of allowing false freedom of choice options that bleed into matters that are decided by Divine Powers and not wear orange or blue or eat beef or chicken. Men love your women and women care for your men with the innate soft beautiful kindness you were gifted with. People need to be themselves and nobody else.

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