Brexit Party by-election candidate for Peterborough: Mike Greene, w/ Nigel Farage & Richard Tice

Brexit Party by-election candidate for Peterborough: Mike Greene, w/ Nigel Farage & Richard Tice

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• Brexit Party press conference, Peterborough, 09.05.2019

• Introduction by Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman, MEP candidate (Eastern) @TiceRichard

• Mike Greene, Peterborough by-election candidate @MikeGreeneTBP

• Nigel Farage MEP (South East), Brexit Party Leader, President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament – @Nigel_Farage

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• Full list of Brexit Party candidates for the European Election:

we here here in Peterborough to announce our candidate for the forthcoming Peterborough by-election my name's Richard theis I'm the chairman of the brexit party which we only launched just a matter of literally four weeks ago in Coventry and since then it's fair to say we have taken the political world by storm we've had rallies and events and walkabouts all over the country and with in front of thousands and thousands of people live streams to millions and millions of people and our social media has been reached by tens of millions of people we are without question the fastest growing grassroots political movement in this country possibly seen for a generation because there's no question that people in this country they want change and we stand very clearly on the slope and we're looking to change politics for good because this country has been humiliated by an Prime Minister that is shown complete incompetence in negotiations breaks a deal by a cabinet that has tried to see and by members of parliament from both parties who are now trying to cobble together some extraordinary coalition of politicians against the people but the European elections are happening on the 23rd of May and we fight them to win we've got a fantastic selection of candidates of the European elections and I've no doubt that they are probably the highest quality of people who have ever stood for public office in a generation and that's something that we're very very proud now before we bring in our candidates for by-election we've got a small video hopefully to show my name is Mike Greene and I'm the brexit Party candidate for Peterborough I moved to Peter when I was young grew up in Peterborough and went to Brownwood school I built businesses in and around the world but when I had my first child I decided to move back to Peterborough and I've been here for the last 20 years again supporting charities supporting young entrepreneurs at the future business center I never wanted to get into politics but politics is broken our concern conservative and Labour MPs have lied to us and have betrayed us specifically in the bieber area with Fiona Sonya I'm asking you on the 6th June to vote for me the brexit party to get a politician in Peterborough that wants to work for you and is passionate about this wonderful city but money's Mike Green so you know Mike Green is a fantastic successful local entrepreneur he is typical of the high quality of people that we've got standing also as candidates for the European elections we have just recently also opened the application process for candidates across the country for the general election Mike is successful he's an entrepreneur he's an achiever he's got a proper can do make things happen approach and that's why actually for the city of Peterborough he is without question at the highest quality person amongst all the candidates of his by-election who can do the best for the constituents of Peterborough so without any further delay Mike Green Thank You Joyce lovely to hear nice things celebrate the end you saw the video before I've ever seen it say welcome good afternoon if you have asked me even 10 40 days ago if I expected to be here making the speech like the answer would have been no but times are changing and it's time to change for good I've moved here when I was 11 not really excited about coming to Peterborough from where we lived suddenly this was a city that had green and open spaces every house in the new development areas was within a few hundred yards of a green space there was plenty of parking and I went to a new school it was it was a tough school and you know one of the things I'm passionate about is education because Diane ray and our leading academic from Cambridge University once described schools like mine as a demonized depository for social waste children should never be labeled like that and I'm passionate about some of those things and so I worked hard when I was at school ambitious if nothing else because I wanted to look after my mum and give her things to pay her back for what she did with us and that took me away from the Peterborough and I don't mind saying that when I was a teenager early twenties and a big drive to get away because sometimes you don't see the the outstanding environment in which you live but as the video said the moment my wife and I were been together 30 30 31 years we had our first child and having traveled all around the world to build business it might seem strange but Peter was the place that felt like home having traveled around the world I realized there's great places and there's terrible places in every city in every country and there's more good than bad in Peterborough which is why we chose to make that our home I always been passionate about politics but I'm not a politician the event that Nigel and Richard and the brexit party ran the other evening is the first time I've ever been to any political event so in the same way that any businessman or anyone talked about politics I've always been passionate but it's reached a point where I couldn't sit back in or this city like this country can do so much better there's so much to celebrate but often with you ask people about people where they say isn't that where you go to renew your passport often your passport the passport office in Peterborough but you know let me tell you I think about Peterborough where within an hour and a half of four international airports with 46 minutes on the train from Kings Cross and by the end of this year that will drop to 37 minutes we've got a nine hundred year old cathedral that takes your breath away as you go to it we've got three thousand year old flag fence settlement and the city continues to grow I think it's the second or third fastest growing city in the UK there's lots of things that aren't happening here though I was on the committee initially to get Peter where it's only University I never went to university myself but having achieved a few things I was asked by Anglia Ruskin was awarded an honorary Doctorate which is wonderful it's probably the only way I was ever going to get a degree but I was honored to do that because of passionate about education but then I was passionate the Peterborough should have its own city own City University and and so I worked on that committee for some time and that thought that it had all been agreed at that point the combined authority had already invested six million pound more millions have been invested but now it's dragging along we are supposed to have first students by this year when we first talked and then it got made 2020 2021 2022 so I think they need someone in who cares about the city enough so not just talk about these things but to make these things happen as I said I'm not a politician I've found it quite disgusting in a way a disgrace that this by-election even has to happen the people of Pittsburgh chose Fiona on asagna in good faith that she would work for them would deliver for them and as I've said yesterday chief I never saw her in this city even before agreeing to do this tomorrow speaking at a charity dinner Wednesday I'm speaking at her charity dinner next week and I'm always doing these things and business things I have never once see Fiona on the Sonya in fact we heard more about her as a city when she was in prison than we ever did when she was an MP so it's time for change it's time to talk positively about Peterborough and positively about politics in Peterborough and the reason I support the brexit party is they're the only party that in my view has absolute clarity of focus on what brexit is we need to run our own laws we need to be in control of our own trade we need to be in control of our own borders and people talk about prejudice isn't it more prejudiced to say we will give favoritism to people within Europe than to look out to the wider world the Commonwealth and the like so I'm here today to start of a journey I believe without any shadow of a doubt that I am the most passionate person that can deliver for Peterborough I want to use my business experience to make things happen in Peterborough I want to use my lack of political experience if you like I've obviously got great support already but I want to use my lack of experience to question why things go so slowly in this city and to challenge why things aren't happening to make this a great city and to me it's the start of something that can grow to the whole of the UK as more and more people join the brexit party win seats for the brexit party and take us forward someone asked me yesterday why am i standing for the Brixton party and it took me back to a quote that I love and it's really simple if you don't stand for something you're gonna fall for anything and I can no longer fall for the lies betrayal and deceit there are current political parties give in this country now I'm happy to answer any questions you've got and so we do that one I'm just words yes yes sorry I'm late well Mike is the third and the third time we've met but he clearly is incredibly passionate firstly about Peter Brett but secondly Alec Mike has within him the sort of righteous indignation about what has happened since the brexit both the broken promises through a general election and indeed the broken promises when 500 MPs voted for article 50 we all thought we were leaving on March the 29th it hasn't happened the can keeps being kicked down the road and mike is a solid citizen who stood up and said I prepared to take a stand and we've got a great candidate I'm very very pleased about that of course there'll be acres of speculation about what have happened in this by-election what we do know is that the Labour Party every working the ground hard for the last several months because they knew this was coming and we start with a couple of disadvantages first one is we only launched four weeks ago who isn't policy so we haven't exactly got much data of voters within Peterborough so we start with nothing in terms of electoral resort but what we do have is a European election campaign going over the first half of this campaign as which I think we've got every chance of topping the poll what I also think we've got is a particular appeal with this type of candidate somebody who's not been part of the two major parties somebody who correct clearly has never ever in any way coveted a career in politics and somebody who's doing it because he believes an out I think that is the kind of new politics that if we possibly can the brexit party will bring to elections at all levels in this country so I'm not gonna make any city predictions this morning but I say they want to do know just given the first day well we had people out putting out leaflets last Saturday and just talking to people in the in the villages outside I think we're gonna do very well we are gonna give it our best shot that's the best I can say at this stage we will give it our best shot and I think the conservative and labor parties will be very worried by the presence of Mike Green because we've got a candidate who is extremely well known and respected in this constituency gosh things are moving quickly from the politics in the brexit party and indeed in my life Mike fantastic to have you on board any questions from anybody who we got just the back there hi there Joel from the Peterborough Telegraph and when did you and night will first me and discuss this say it was a week here last Sunday that I met with Richard I then spoke with and met with Nigel and we then had dinner on after the event the other night a late dinner and agreed at that point to to be the candidate so before then you've never had any sort of serious discussions about doing this or getting involved in politics I I'd met Nigel briefly once before and just a couple of days before to to discuss that you mentioned on cibrex is is the key but yeah yeah what are your other issues that you are most passionate about to do with Peterborough yeah so to do with Peter bruh I talked about the University what what I look at in terms of university education is challenge I've talked about my school it was a tough school and you know what with with just eight GCSEs I was probably in the top five percent of the results of that school and it was a it was a school where you almost grateful to get through it there I've spoken at every school in Peterborough over the last few years if I look at the role that many politicians do I've probably been doing some of those things for a long time anyway but when I've spoken at those schools what I realize is that it's almost not cool to study so education is important to me and the speeches I do and normally just before people do gse GCSEs or a-levels I'm talking about how just a little micro focused 15 minutes a day on the subject can change your grade grade can change it a door opening for a job and that first job can set you on a trail and so to me education is it's crucial I want to make sure that our schools are really doing the best and then that culminates into our university I know that there is a direct correlation with where people live and where they went to university and there the people are often contributing most commercially to a city because we haven't got our own University I didn't think a lot of people move back here after going to university and I think there's a bit of a potentially we're losing great people from this city myself included when I first left so the university would be absolutely crucial to me and then generally it's promoting what's amazing eye on the tube sometimes and see how it's great to live in Doncaster great to live in different parts of the UK and some of the organizations in around Peter we've done a great job of internally focusing on and blowing their own trumpet but outside of Peterborough we need to get the message across to businesses that this is a place to come we have great people we have hard-working people and I want to attract more business to a really motivated educated workforce that can make the city as well-known as it should be for all the right reasons just very cooked on education I see Peter has had its troubles what can you do as MP to try and improve standards well one of the things that I think is obvious in politics today is the a lot of politicians and certainly the two main parties say they listen to everybody I thought they'd listen to us when we voted for brexit and the don't listen I spend at least a third of my life with charities with schools with businesses young entrepreneurs and people at a different stage of life looking to get into businesses I listen a lots of people and what I want to do is listen to what those issues are and make sure I represent the needs of this city not my needs the needs of this city in Westminster and Anan brexit yeah a us are you in no deal man well what is your sort of ideal outcome of where we are the minute everything I look at in terms of my own background I've been trading teams in retail of being a trader it would have been nice to get a more positive deal but the moment that no deal was taken off the table we lost all respect for us and we lost all of our negotiating power so I absolutely at this moment in time believe WTO deal or just leaving and then starting from a clean slate is better than starting from a really bad deal and I thought that that was something the Tories had committed to that when they said again and again and again that no deal is better than the bad deal and then once again they betrayed us and they lied and what they said they do and just quickly in terms of sort of where you live because obviously concern of parachutes and you live around Peter Byrne and you think Roland there is that correct yeah just groaned so pe6 is is my postcode Peterborough is my town I do do everything here we go shopping here we go to events here i mentor businesses that they're behind the Peter wood football ground it's the city that is my home and I'm committed to and it has been for the last 20 years and was for the 10 years of growing up anyone else I think just just to finish on the issue of what the the brexit party stands for in terms of the European elections as Mike said quite rightly we stand for a WTO brexit we had a press conference in London on Tuesday and we made it clear a vote for us is a vote for a WTO brexit but also that a vote for us is also that our elected mep x' should then play a significant role in the future negotiating team because we have got as I said there I think the highest quality list of candidates of their experience with their expertise that I think has stood for political office in a generation and that's at the European level we can play a significant role and I think what you see in the quality of mic here as the by-election candidate fought for Peterborough again we've got someone who's very successful a real achiever as you know what a MP that has got that track record that knows how to get things done to make things happen is a huge huge asset of any constituency across the land and we very much hope that might we'll be selected and he can play a massive role in making Peterborough grow and grown continue to succeed I think I'll say one thing on the national yeah I just would respond to one point a broader point from mr. Jeremy Corbyn this morning who's been doing the labor launch of their European election campaign and he says that only labour can stand up to the Faraj snake oil now this is interesting because it sounds to me like he might be getting just a little bit rattled because I've no doubt that in the north of England the Midlands cities like Peterborough South Wales there are millions of traditional labor voters who voted leave in the referendum who are passionate about leave incredibly patriotic people and I think what you saw in the local elections last week was that first crack beginning to appear in that Labour vote over this brexit issue and I think he's very very scared of what we can do to his vote over the course of the next few weeks and so he should be and he's tried to play this sort of game of constructive ambiguity where he sits on fence and it's neither one thing nor the other but if you look at the MEP candidates standing all over the country for labor nearly all of them are remainders who want a second referendum and when the electric clock that the labor vote is going to go down a lot further than it has already and if he and if he wants to start talking about me there maybe what he really ought to do is to take up my more than generous offer to have a public debate with him thank you any other questions otherwise it just remains for me to say thank you very much indeed everybody for coming it's been tasked to have you on board Mike and then we're gonna make people you have a fantastic jobs but it's great fantastic put it well

23 thoughts on “Brexit Party by-election candidate for Peterborough: Mike Greene, w/ Nigel Farage & Richard Tice

  1. I remember seeing Mike Green featured in the TV series Secret Millionaire. He is a fine human being who has done great work helping the less fortunate. No better candidate could be representing the Brexit Party he is a man of dignity and credibility who will be a great political asset for his country. Bless him and his family.

  2. No more Labour MPs EVER.
    No more Conservative MPs EVER.
    No more vote for you from me EVER.

    Field a candidate in every constituency in the UK.

    Britain needs a BIG change. Both parties must end. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  3. A sensible man who is passionate about his town and with a proven track record of getting things done. What a refreshing change for the people of Peterbrough. I hope you appreciate his skills and are willing to take a chance.

  4. I am a Yank. What I would give to support the Brexit party. Guys, I can't give, and get involved. So i will say this. I think Mike Greene is a top guy. I watched his 1st presser with Tice and Farage. No notes, just a steady stream of practical real-world experience, combined with passion, and brains.
    Go get em Mike. you have a calling. To the people of Peterborough, you are very blessed and lucky to have such a solid man running to represent you.
    Mike they will call you out. "What is your manifesto? What do you believe in? What about the NHS?"

    Looking ahead, the Brexit party will have to build a domestic party platform once the European elections shoot the very big "warning shot of WTO over the bow" of parliament. mike and people of Peterborough, don't be dissuaded…get involved. Speak with him. Tell him what you want and believe. Help build and shape YOUR Brexit party's first draft of their domestic platform. Think about it. You are at the precipice of a new political party that stands to capture north of 35% of the European election votes and it started 5 weeks ago. Labour and Tories couldn't do what you have done in 3 years!

    God, this is so exciting. GO DO IT NIGEL AND BREXIT IN THE EUROPEANS, and Mike, build that platform and be the springboard for a domestic Brexit party, capable of standing in all UK elections.

    May the wind be at your back!

  5. There are too many universities in the UK, why does a small city like Peterborough need one? There should only be like 50 at most.

  6. The government has paid the carbon tax for scunthorpe steel works, of course they can't support the steel works directly as this is against EU regulations. Lets leave, and then lets support industry by scrapping carbon taxes which are based on poppycock

  7. Can't believe after 3 plus years of these con men being shown for who they really are you are all buying into it Yet again. These are snake oil salesmen who say anything to get your vote. I mean 'I have no doubt they are probably the highest quality of people who have stood for office in a generation'. Why you can't spot an obvious blagger is beyond me.

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