Bublé at the BBC: Michael transforms into sales assistant Dion

Bublé at the BBC: Michael transforms into sales assistant Dion

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He’s got one of the world’s most recognizable voices, but what happens when Michael Bublé transforms his face, hair and accent to become a South African sales assistant named Dion?

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25 thoughts on “Bublé at the BBC: Michael transforms into sales assistant Dion

  1. 6:07 Literally me in 2013, when I had the once in lifetime opportunity of meeting Michael 😍 I was so excited to meet my idol that I cried, and he lovingly laughed at me, squeezing my shoulders!! He’s 100% the same whether he’s talking 1-on-1 or to thousands, a true gem 💝

  2. I don't think they know who he is??? They just are like ok…. Yes…(nodding head-thinking to themselves like who tf is this guy??) Lol..

  3. Cute – I guess I would have had tears as well – like the bearded guy. I totally understand him. Bublé is so great! Absolutely stunning

  4. He's so good at this kind of thing. So multi-talented! I wonder if he learned to do accents, comedy and impressions on his own! Been 'jammin' with some professionals maybe!

  5. why is abc making an open effort to show us that among us are people who are deceiving us. we can trust no one. and its funny and cool to decide people . it is criminal and evil to deceive but they are making us believe thru things we enjoy and ppl wed more that it is cool to deceive openly.

  6. I’m Italian, brought up in France, being in Australia since I was a teenager. A lot of people tell me that my accent sounds South African. Can’t understand that

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