Joe Rogan Asks Futurist if He's Scared of Artificial Intelligence

Joe Rogan Asks Futurist if He's Scared of Artificial Intelligence

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1293 w/Jamie Metzl:

the Joe Rogan experience that's always kind of getting out are you concerned at all with artificial life be concerned about the propagation of artificial intelligence well there are different kinds of artificial life so one is artificial intelligence and I know people like Elon Musk and and late Stephen Hawking are afraid terrified yeah and I think that that we need whether it's right or not I think it's great for us to focus on those risks is if we just say oh that's that's crazy and we don't focus on it it increases the likelihood of these bad things happening so kudos to you on musk but I also think that we are we're a long way away from that threat and we are and we will be enormous beneficiaries of these technologies and that's why my don't sound like a broken record but that's why I keep saying it's all about values if I think we should take those threats very seriously and then some users are so abstract and we don't agree on them it's true but like like Elon Musk I mean they've set up this this Institute where to say well what are the dangers right and then what are the things that we can do now what are standards that we can integrate for example into our computer programming and then so I mentioned my World Health Organization Committee the question is well what are the what are the standards that we can integrate into scientific culture it's not going to cure everything but it may increase the likelihood of it better rather than worse outcome but isn't there an inherent danger in other companies or other countries rather not complying with any standards that we said because it would be anti-competitive yes like that would that would they would somehow another diminished competition or diminish their competitive edge yes it's true and that's why I'm that's the balance that we're going to need to need to hold it's and it's really hard but we have a window of opportunity now to try to get ahead of n like we have chemical weapons biological weapons nuclear weapons where we've had international standards that have roughly held I mean there was a time when slavery was the norm and there was a movement to say this is this is wrong and it was largely successful so we have history of being more successful rather than than less and I think that's the goal but you're right I mean this is a race between the technology and the best values I'm real concerned about artificial intelligence is that this paradigm shifting moment will happen before we recognize it's happened yes and then it'll be too late yes that's exactly and that's like I saying that's that's why I've written the book that's why I'm out on the road so much talking to people why avoid such an honor for me to be and pleasure for me to be here with you talking about because we have to reach out to people people can't be afraid of entering this conversation because it feels too technical it feels like it's somebody else's business this is all of our business because this is all of our lives and it's all of our futures so if in the future you think twenty years the thing that's going to really change the most is predictive genetics and you'd be able to be able to write predict accurately oppressions health what do you help in light health and yeah what do you think is going to be the biggest detriment for all this stuff and the thing that we have to avoid the most yeah so one is as I mentioned this determinism just because if we just kind of take our sense of wonder about what it means to be a human away like that's really going to to harm us we talked about equity and access to these technologies and and in the technologies don't even need to be real in order to have a negative impact so in India there are no significant genetic differences between people in different castes but the caste system has been maintained for thousands of years because people just have accepted these these differences so this it's a whole new way of understanding what is a human and it's really going to be complicated and we aren't ready for it we weren't ready for it culturally we aren't ready for it educationally certainly our political leaders aren't paying much of any attention to all this we have a huge job woof woof so when you sit down and you give this speech to Congress yeah what what are you anticipating from them in terms of like what do you think that there's anything they can do now yeah absolutely certain step yes so a few things one is we need to have a national education campaign I mean this is so important I would say it's on the future of genetics revolution and of AI because I think we just it's it's crazy that we aren't focusing on these like I I learned French in in grade school in high school and I'm happy to speak French but I would rather have people say this is really important stuff so that's that's number one number two is we need to make sure that we have a functioning regulatory system in this country in every country and I do a lot of comparative work and like the United Kingdom they're really well organized they have a national health care system which allows them at a national level to kind of think about long term care and then trade offs in this country the average person changes health plans every 18 months and I was talking with somebody the other night and they were they were working on a predictive health company and they said their first idea was they were going to sell this information to health insurers because like wouldn't this be great if you could hell if you're a health insurer and you could you had somebody who was your client and you could say hey here's some information you can live healthier and you're not going to have this disease 20 years from now and what he found out is the health insurers they could have cared less because people were just they were only going to be part of it for a year and a half so we really need to think differently about how do we invest in people over the course of their lives and certainly education is one but thinking long term about health and well-being is another [Applause]

25 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Asks Futurist if He's Scared of Artificial Intelligence

  1. yo fuck this guy. have fun living in your cyberpunk dystopian world where we are all cattle and where laws are written by computers.

  2. The problem with saying AI is a long ways off doesn’t take into account how fast a General AI will grow once we get one. Based on the speed of processor ticks vs brain speeds, a simple General AI could be smarter than the smartest person in less than a day if allowed to correct itself.

  3. We need a one world government. The human body only has one central nervous system to control the outcome of the body. Human society needs the same thing. One central nervous system. We need to model society like a healthy human body.

  4. So this guy initially dismisses the fear yet all through the discussion totally agrees with the huge risks pointed out?!!!

    Listen I’m totally pro AI but the risks are definitely huge and I do not dismiss the fear like this guy. Just look at the world of hacking and how digital code can replicate itself totally out of control. It’s a fucking genie in a bottle and when it’s out if you ever decide you want it back in the bottle forget it, it ain’t going in.

  5. "We're all involved it this." Besides those of us that think it's suicide to build intelligence smarter than us…

  6. I think what people should be "scared" about is losing their job to a robot like on the irobot movie. It's coming don't think it's not

  7. Don't know a lot about computer technology but aren't viruses artificial intelligence and haven't they already wreaked havoc all over the world?

  8. Dont you hate it when the person youre talking to keeps saying yes yes yah yes yep yep yes while youre trying to finish your god damn question

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