Migrant Caravan Morning Zoo | Chapo Trap House | Episode 256

Migrant Caravan Morning Zoo | Chapo Trap House | Episode 256

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In this Chapo Trap House clip, on the ground coverage of the migrant caravan.

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“To All Active Duty Soldiers:

Your commander in chief is lying to you. You should refuse his orders to deploy to the southern US border should you be called to do so.

Despite what Trump and his administration are saying, the migrants moving north towards the US are not a threat. These small numbers of people are escaping intense violence. In fact, much of the reason these men and women — with families just like yours and ours — are fleeing their homes is because of the US’s meddling in their countries. Look no further than Honduras, where the Obama administration supported the overthrow of a democratically elected president who was then replaced by a repressive leader.

These extremely poor and vulnerable people are desperate for peace. Who among us would walk a thousand miles with only the clothes on our back without great cause? The odds are good that your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. lived similar experiences. Your family members came to the US to seek a better life. Some fled violence. Consider this as you are asked to confront these unarmed men, women, and children from Central America. To do so would be the ultimate hypocrisy.”*

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[Applause] hey this is well the bad bad Medicare Chapo morning zoo crew counting down all your 80s 90s and 70s rock and classics we're broadcasting live live live from the migrant Caravan Caravan Caravan making its way up to the US border you just crossed into Mexico from Guatemala and we're all here we're party and we're rocking and rolling we're swish in addition we've got our soros sponsored go bags you're full of drugs guns and lawyers we're ready to bring this is rock and roll invasion to your doorstep Isis is here they're loving it we listen to the rock goes in a Foghat [Applause] looking for jobs no we're looking for blood blood blood before the midterm elections elections we're registering to vote along the way we're registering all the migrant boat errs coming soon to a neighborhood near you you you all now to get tickets to see Jethro Tull tall tall at the Motor Speedway our fourth caller becomes a US citizen the citizen who can vote 10 times x times little bit later in the show the our top of the hour we'll be talking to George Soros or Oh Soros who's bankrolling this entire invasion invasion invasion its camp of the Saints all day day day on the Chapo morning zoo crew crew rock and roll bringing a caravan to you you you Pepsi Max is the only sugar-free Cola alternative that contains authentic baby parts we are here at Senor frog's for the next 42 hours two-for-one cocktails for anyone who promises to behead a senior citizen once they get to the United States Hezbollah style terrorists are here with al Qaeda with Isis with the drug cartels cartels there are no women and children in this Caravan again dude taking steroids we have the most powerful Muslims the Shia division they're doing pull-ups and covered wagons there are no women and children it's boys only it's a non-stop caravan of a man cave dudes Rock more like a carrot man it's just four fellows will be coming soon before the midterm elections elections you cannot stop us us chapo boarding zoo crew crew crew coming up next it's Led Zeppelin when the hypocrites saw 10 times in a row row row row

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  1. I am a leftist. I support tech billionaires strangling free speech. I love the poor so much I want to make more of them.

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