Neel Kolhatkar: Calling Out the Left with Comedy

Neel Kolhatkar: Calling Out the Left with Comedy

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Neel Kolhatkar (Australian comedian) about his comedy which goes after the social justice movement and identity politics, his Indian heritage, and comedy in our political landscape. YouTube Week is brought to you in partnership with LBRY:

Interested in the current state of comedy? Wondering how a stand up comedian finds humor in this environment of extreme political correctness? Looking for a place where you can get inside the politically incorrect comic minds of people like Bob Saget, Steven Crowder, Nick Di Paolo, Margaret Cho and Roseanne Barr?
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Neel Kolhatkar

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48 thoughts on “Neel Kolhatkar: Calling Out the Left with Comedy

  1. They think acting offended gives them the right to take away your speech. Identity Politics also known as Covert Marxism, needs to keep sexism and racism alive in order to push forward its agenda. They're not looking for equality there looking to takeover. If you think I'm exaggerating, just give them time, I just hope we won't be too late.

  2. Around 18:00 where you're talking about Apu from The Simpsons…. I one huuuundred percent agree with Neel. I've always felt this way. If I belong to a group that is misunderstood or stereotyped, it is NOT up to the rest of the world to 'educate themselves' on my behalf! It is up to ME to educate the world, and set an example. And I knew people in university who bought into the whole "I shouldn't have to perform the labour of teaching other people how to approach [Identity Politics Topic X]; other people should take the initiative and teach themselves!" thing…. but that is not realistic. People have lives, yo.

    E.g. I'm Catholic, and it is up to me to be educated about my own faith, and to be patient in the face of stereotypes and anti-Catholic bigotry, and to do actual work (and live by example) to help others to understand what the faith actually teaches and involves. It would be pathetic (and useless) for me to sit down in the face of bigotry and just whine that the bigots aren't taking the time to educate themselves. So I accept that an ongoing part of my life will involve educating others about Catholicism, and I choose to love others throughout it, NOT resent others or whine at others. And honestly I can't summon up much respect for people unwilling to take on that task. If you're not willing to step up and politely educate others about your own group, you really don't have any right to expect others to educate THEMSELVES about your group. I mean, sure it'd be nice if they happen to choose to do so…. But you gotta respect that other people have their own lives going on, and probably a lot of higher priorities than trying to figure out alone how to not accidentally offend someone who is unwilling to take the time themselves to explain what will help minimize offence.

    Also, it's amusing to me that the same university Leftists who used that "I shouldn't have to perform the labour of educating others" line, were the same people who expressed the most casual ignorance and bigotry against Catholicism and Christians in general. So they don't even take their own alleged principles to heart; all they really mean is, "Others should educate themselves about US", not "We should educate ourselves about others."

    The other detail… it's sooo counter-productive to make people feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you. It just spreads misery, fear, and a feeling of being judged — and people don't like to feel miserable, afraid, or judged. The only real result of that is that people will self-censor and eventually stop talking to you altogether, rather than continuing to talk to you where you have a chance of patiently discussing ideas in a way that may result in them adjusting their thinking. Overall I just cannot see ANY advantage to the modern Leftist approach, and I continue to see huge advantages to an approach that genuinely tolerates others in all their peculiarity as they come, and patiently works with them while taking responsibility to help make things easier and better and more forgiving for others, not harder or punitively worse.

  3. he's my favourite racist…lol… greetings from Australia…His comedy is uncomfortable for some people…but a real crack up if you let yourself have a laugh…..and can have a laugh at your own stereotypical branding…

  4. Centre =/= factually correct about everything. You make your judgement item by item. Ond should not take in pride for simply being so called "unbiased" when unbiased doesn't mean true.

  5. Listening to this a year and a half later really points out how much the world has changed in a very short time. Cen-so-r-sh-ip, see what I did there?

  6. I used to he a feminist male, hardcore lefty, puritanical take all ideologically self rightepus puppet, outrage culture mobbing participant but humour and intellect from fellow Aussies like these two deprogrammed me and gave me my life back. Was always a woman interested jock though that tends to help keep the door open for reason to seep through and reintroduce pragmatic critical thought. There is hope yet. The temptation unfortunately is to become a cynical, pessimistic woman hater that does not work and does not feel great.

  7. I realize I'm a year late to the party, and I adore his videos, but.. I cannot unsee the piece of glitter on his face.

  8. Australia is backward?? Really? Where the fuck did you grow up. Australia wasn't it. Where you had every opportunity to become whatever you damn well wanted! Which is what you did…You dick!!
    Big Fan BTW.

  9. I will advertise your comedy better if i knew how to pronounce your full name propperly so i could say your name like i mean it but here to make it fair here is my show i was 17 in like my photoshop tattoos in training of suprise attacks my trainer n i started parkour in this scene but what i learnt dont expect to fly like mike if your in slippers not nikes for the leap of faith i nearly made the leap of faith here the first movies about Netflix i was in

  10. Dont worry about the hate crimes i know the truth your in the position to say anything they are not they hate themselves thats why they throw hate crimes cause they try have a meaning speaking about u when you have the true meaning n if they whinge i will give them somethings to whinge about themselves n racist everything and everyone is racist n discriminating and im down with the brown im a multicultural multicolored bein your a great human bein they all fail to be human whos the great woman behind you man your like the only person n made me happy n laughn more than once in 24 years its a deep down belly laugh i think i grew up more than i could raise my laugh or smile upon n rise above the rest i even have a indian lady who does makes my belly smile in a warm buzzy feeling like hully having extra feelings around me n feel more than more she works at my service station we nearly had tacos or mexican together like spicen my life up she must know she is as hot as a chilli n i like to sweat it out i was like a feeling more than they could think where is the sex guru from bollywood up to bollywood down with hollywood thumbs up dude
    @watch racist mario on you tube its a classic bufu keep channeling that energy you rip tare it up like a smashing rock star finally

  11. I like the title most dont know the difference between rite wrong or left n right look at how healthcare spells health care rites discriminating lefts they spell it and think rites is spelt health care rights thats how wrong they are they cant even write rite i love your style though your a funny cunt fucker sex drugs rock n roll hail to shopping malls n service stations rock on dude rock on keep it real to reel

  12. SJW don't give a fuck about the working-class, and in addition are not very secular. they endorse identity politics which Marxists despise. SJW are not leftists, and are not Marxists. They are obsessed with race. When seeking to discuss leftist economics, they bring up something about genders, race and "feelings". All Marxists dislike this idea that "facts are more important than feelings", because it's bullshit and defeats the whole purpose of Marxian economics. Real leftists ARE NOT SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS!

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