Nigel Farage: Normal political campaigning is becoming impossible

Nigel Farage: Normal political campaigning is becoming impossible

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The Brexit Party leader lamented the `complete failure´ as he was ushered away by security.

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yes now the police have designed somebody and charges other people we simply cannot have a tiny radicalized section of our communities stopping free speech a typical campaigning I believe literally which point now where any sense of learned of litical campaigns can't happen that is people maybe use violence rather than arguments so people clamoring the milkshake is environment really

45 thoughts on “Nigel Farage: Normal political campaigning is becoming impossible

  1. Nigel will work for Putin and watch out for spoil sport for yesterdays Ukrainians ex-leader for RUSSIANS 🤣☝

  2. If someone did that to me I'd punch them, then I'd be accused of Violence and they'd sue me….. so what else is it if it isn't violence?

  3. "Some people are claiming the milkshake isn't violence" – I don't think anyone was claiming that a cold dairy beverage is violence, just the throwing it at a person without their prior consent was. Perhaps I'm wrong, quick call the police: McDonalds is so full of violence that they're selling it in cups by the litre!

  4. I hope lots of people voted Labour and Liberal Democrats today! Stop Farage! A milkshake brings all the fascists to the yard.

  5. I guess they thought Nigel was just going to give up after being splashed with a milkshake. They haven't been paying attention.

  6. A milkshake is not violance! "Really" but what if it contained a poisionus substance or acid? Would it then be deemed non violent because an anti Brexit individual throw it? Are we now going to see Muslims throwing poisionus milkshakes over non Muslims (Kafers) as a non punishable offence of terrorism?

  7. I am truly surprised that Gina Miller hasn't had him taken out by some brain dead patse who's high on crystal Meth. So eaten up is she about Brexit.
    Our government and many of the British people have clearly behaved like the Nazis of Germany and Stalins Russia, in trying to blacken the name of Democracy. What people should be asking is who is funding the Remain campaigners out side the houses of Parliament, who it seems have nothing better to do. My be there's a tax fiddle somewhere that HMRC should be looking into.

  8. Private Eye ran a cartoon of Hitler complaining about milkshakes being thrown at him. The mainstream media has trivialised assault and conflated the most hideous genocidal leader with anybody on the right of politics.

  9. It’s not a protest, it’s the modern day sickness that is people wanting their 5 minutes of social media fame. The ‘Look at me!’ Brigade.

  10. Some say milkshake isn’t violence…..

    Have you ever heard such total S💩💩t.

    I wish these pr..ks could stand & watch their parents, grandparents or children being hit with just milkshakes & then be told to wise up, its only milkshakes after it.

    Treacherous Theresa May & Her Cabal Of Democracy Thieves have poisoned OUR country, they have created an atmosphere of pure hate among the Remoaners, & those that claim to be respectable, are no more than vicious thugs, who’s actions are being legitimised by idiot reporters & Political Puppet Propaganda Machines like the BBC, who have been allowed to legally extort British Citizens through licence fees. They have worked so-called Respectable Remoaners into a frenzy of hate, & then when they do this, they try to make out it’s nothing.
    However milkshake can just as easily be acid, & someone’s face melted off because of their incitement to hate the likes of Farage.
    Some might say this reporter is a twat.

    I’m one of those some.

    Get Out – Stay Out

  11. Our democracy is under attack and the media is complicit. How long until we have another Jo Cox incident? The politicians, police and courts have also failed. Violence against canvassing politicians should be treated as terrorism.

  12. It’s the kind of childish pointless behaviour we come to expect from kids straight out of uni after the student union and tutors have finished brainwashing them. They are like the moonies.

  13. "Some people are claiming throwing milkshakes isn't violence." Ask those people when Diane Abbott gets milkshaked.

  14. The media needs to be held accountable for their actions of radicalising people to the point where violence is seen as acceptable……. All of the mainstream media are guilty of this and need to be removed from their platforms!

  15. I’m voting for Tommy Robinson!

    At least Nigel’s assailant was arrested.

    Tommy’s attacker got a lift to the train station by the Keystone Kops, which highlights the contempt the establishment, including Nigel, views the British working class.

  16. Our media have encouraged this sort of behaviour. I was appalled at eggs being thrown at Corbyn, and i was appalled at milkshake being thrown at running candidates. This behaviour should be condemned.

    "Assault. … An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and Tort Law."

  17. A milkshake isnt violence, but throwing it at someone is. Bricks aren't violent. Glass bottles aren't violent, fists aren't violent.

  18. Farage was upset because he wanted srawberry flavour ..Hopefully he gets asked next time he cant wait to get back to germany , thats why his kids have german pasports and he hopes to re secure his perky job in the EU..

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