Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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Selling over 200 million records worldwide, Pink Floyd has produced some of the most celebrated music in Rock history. Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason were at the frontier of the progressive rock movement; wielding a unique and revolutionary sound that pushed the boundaries of musical expression, mixing the newest techniques and technology with classic guitar riffs, powerful solos and haunting vocals. Pink Floyd s music was inimitable, psychedelic and utterly astounding. Throughout a career spanning nearly four decades, Pink Floyd have produced innumerable masterpieces, enjoyed tremendous success, suffered great tragedy and endured a bitter and public division which became legendary in its self. This is a tale of the rise of one of the greatest rock bands in the world. The programme includes very personal contemporary interviews with the band which is dispersed between rare footage clips of them on stage and on video. This is the definitive story of Pink Floyd, from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn to The Division Bell and all stops in between.

37 thoughts on “Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

  1. Pete whatever your name…opinions are like assholes everyone has one….who actually listens to the CRITICS??? unless you don't have senses or a brain??? Pink Floyd- MASTERS!

  2. This is complete garbage and a waste of time. If you are a Floyd fan you will hate this. Not only do you not hear any early Floyd music at all, probably because of copyright, they don't even mention Piper at the gates of Dawn or any of the songs by Syd Barrett whatsoever, Arnold Layne, See Emily Play…nothing (maybe towards the end but I didn't stick around long enough.. DON"T ATTEMPT TO VIEW THIS PIECE OF CRAP.

  3. There's so much emphasis on Syd Barrett. Sure it is sad what happened to him but i personally don't regard him as a musical genius. In my opinion Pink Floyd only became legendary greats when David Gilmour joined.

  4. The decibel level of their music may have caused structural damage to the buildings of Venice…that's the most rock and roll shit I've ever heard.

  5. Damn 80s. I'd say that's when music started it's downward spiral. Oh you got spectacle alright. Then again youd have to to overcompensate fod what you don't have.

  6. Why does it seem like all their documentaries have footage from the same place? I feel like I keep seeing interviews of Roger in front of that same mixing desk. XD

  7. You did it. Someone actually said "crickey"! I thought they needed something to make the documentary more "British". Bloody well right!

  8. People look at me weird when I say my favorite album of theirs is: Momentary lapse of Reason.
    It just really captivated an era for me that brought out so much from Rick's new sounds and Gilmour's voice in my opinion. Sort of paving the way for Pulse.(my 2nd fav)

  9. When New Age bullshit (smoke and mirrors psyop) began the downward spiral towards a non-caring society. As much as I like Pink Floyd's music, they and the druggie wasters are partly to blame for this mess we're all in now.

  10. Pink Floyd is the best band. My second favourite. Obscured by clouds is my favourite album. The wall I'm not interested in it to much. I'm not sure why, I guess I have to listen to it again.

  11. 1. What have pink Floyd achieved after Roger Waters? Not much…Momentary lapse of reason was pretty good, the rest was very forgettable. 2. Syd a genius? Nope, a genius doesn't fry his brains on acid. He was talented yes but an complete idiot for ruining his life, his family should have reacted when the band members told them that he was abusing drugs. 3. from watching lots of interviews of PF, they all kind of say that they were glad when Syd was gone bc he was fucking up.

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