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RISE UP AND TAKE A STAND!! A new movement of hope and belief has began and the wave keeps getting bigger. Ladies and Gentleman Introducing…. UNITED STATES PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ELECT 2020… ROBBY WELLS!!!! Enjoy this up close and personal interview and find out the What, Why, When and How Mr. Well plans to RISE UP and make a difference for the United States of America. Mr. President Elect.. the World is waiting.. RISE UP!! #robbywells, #unitedstates, #whitehouse, #riseup, #president, #congress, facebook/robbywells

[Applause] [Applause] well my special guest today as I promised bringing change to the United States of America one soul at a time one home at a time one person at a time mr. Robby wells our president-elect 2020 you know what mr. president I'm just gonna put it out there oh how are you doing today I'm doing great many one and thank you for those kind words you are welcome you're welcome we're excited to have you in our studio today I wanted to bring you in because right now you're in the middle of your campaign right you are in the middle of rising up and bringing the change we're Obama left off flip side to what Trump is doing to where we are right now so my first question to you is tell us about Robby Wells what puts you in this position where you feel that what you can do to bring change will come about from your vision well many I truly believe that our country will achieve greatness for the first time once the lines of separation that have divided our people are completely erased and it's going to take a strong leader that loves the people a tough leader it's actually going to be able to pull that off you see we have always been a nation that's divided now my opponent mr. Trump he always talks about make America great again which in same ways we've been great before and we've been great for some people but my question to you have we ever been great for the Native Americans and we've been great for the african-americans how about those that were sold into slavery for them I mean I venture to say no we were not you know we had 75 million Native Americans that were killed on the Trail of Tears because of the white man so when you say make America great again mr. Trump who was a great forum to begin with we want America to be great for everyone and that's going to happen once we realized that whether you're black or white young or old male or female gay or straight Democrat or Republican whatever your religion may be we can lay all that aside because we've got one common bond we're all Americans we are all Americans and America has a total different journey than what most of the countries do right such as Japan and China the cultures are very different now you've had an opportunity to visit Japan and China and they embrace you with loving arms tell us a little bit about what happened when you did your visit to China well many as the ambassador for the International Human Rights Peace Commission and their international spokesperson it has afforded me the opportunity to go to many different countries and speak in front of thousands of people and meet with foreign government officials about my plan for world peace through achieved by achieving sustainable energy independence not only in America been in a lot of countries so that we can reverse the effects of global warming now other countries are really embracing that what we've got to do here in America is embrace that as well because the top scientists in the world can't be wrong whether when you've got 300 scientists saying that if we don't make a change then human life as we know it right now a hundred years from now will be altered where millions of people will die and billions of dollars will be lost in our economy just here in the United States imagine other countries as well so we've got to make that change well speaking of that change that you're talking about what did you feel we're just talking about China now sure what did you feel when you were a keynote speaker and you were standing in front of thousands the residents of China and they're all hanging on your word and they're there in awe not just by your presence but by the words that you were relating and you were saying what do you feel was different about your speech in China as opposed to someone that was just prior to you heart very simple heart I truly believe that that we have a great country here or the potential to be magnificent but we've got to have some very serious people or serious solutions step forward that have the heart for the people and I've truly got the heart for the people and I and you can't fake that you know there's an old saying you can pull some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time and I think a lot of people here in the United States are finally figuring that out about a guy that I call disingenuous Donny but as adults we all make mistakes we did it and here's what I'm going to say you look back at 2016 in the election that we had I truly believe that America made a mistake but here's the thing about making mistakes and this is an old football coach talking right here if you're coachable you don't make the same mistake twice exactly so in 2020 we've got a chance to right that wrong right the rub now I think many of Americans when they voted right then were afraid they were afraid to vote this way some were afraid to vote this way and others just stayed in the meadow wouldn't vote at all right so therefore we lost a lot of opportunity there that may have changed the way the holy election was running now when you were in China and that country embraced you right what was it you took from that whole experience that you're going to now bring to America and make a difference in your change if you were able to reach them how are you going to reach the Americans well you know America is a melting pot and we have people literally from all over the globe that are here and we have millions of Asian Americans right here in in the United States same thing with Indian Americans with European Americans with Hispanic Americans African Americans if I'm going to represent all the people of the United States and bring them together then what better way to learn about those people than to go to their homeland and go to their roots and actually see what their culture is all about which was what was so great about going to China yeah China did embrace me with open arms India did as well so in Paris France you know we went to Paris and I spoke in the Eiffel Tower literally five days after our current president decided to get out of the Paris climate agreement once again that's gonna cost lives in the long run and it's gonna cost millions and billions of dollars in our economy and I was able to express my views with the environment and how we can from a world peace by achieving sustainable energy independence and improving our educational system here in the United States and abroad as well well if all those other countries and embrace you in the way that they did do you feel that America is going to give you the same opportunity I believe that America is and we've worked real hard for that opportunity and it has been frustrating at times because we feel like the media has not given us the fair shake you see you've seen the pictures you've seen the footage I get crowds just as large if not larger than our current president its crowds that are way more diverse than he is as well so you got to ask this question many wise mainstream media not giving us the coverage that they're given to mr. Trump that gets big crowds that are all white we're going to talk about that mainstream media and those crowds that are always when we come back after this next break it took me somewhere but I finally found them the worst of the worst we're let's just say I put them in a home every way know the rumors Amanda has shown them have experience oh yeah I have seen things maybe Obama was some type of beacon for them to creep back from the shadows I would like to assemble a task force of the most political people on the planet that I think they can really do some good exam if anything goes wrong we have built into diability it makes you think you can control them getting people to act against their own self-interest is what I do from are you the wind all you need to know is that you work for me so that's it huh we're the candidates some sort of bull let's go see the world ears you know what they say about the crazy I'm not gonna kill you I'm just gonna really we're talking about what white America is doing in the media and how they perceive the various other races and I think when it all comes together we're still one people we're all still having the same goals the common picket fence to make a life as best you can to get past all of the things that shut you down as a person so when the media is covering pretty much what mr. Trump is doing right now they're covering it so much so because he makes it like that he makes you say what the heck is on this cup oh this is the man five stock shoulders as a carpenter well he's gonna make you pay attention to it where you would never even looked at right but in doing so as I have been watching um he tweets about more than most celebrities but he started as a celebrity he also started as that man who told you your fire and began their whole popularity so there's a whole circle of followers for a mr. Trump President Trump that followed him from that time to have being a very shrewd businessman for the Trump Towers all over the world to him now coming into the presidency so you have all these people that are following him they're following that celebrity they're following that businessman but as a president it became something different and that's where your difference comes in so when I spoke earlier about rise up and rise up together I was talking about mr. Robert Wells campaign because as you begin your movement and continue on you're causing people to rise up to stand up pay attention take presents and make the difference now not later so tell us about why you chose rise up as your campaign well you know rise up is the campaign slogan but it's also a movement that just seven years ago when I started I was thinking you know let's make this a national movement the rise up movement and we'll use that through the campaign but just two years ago it went international and now we're on every continent except Antarctica yes I don't have any idea about Antarctica and really want to go down that's too cold for me it's cold it's too cold yeah we're gonna stay we're gonna stay up here on this hemisphere but he is going to include you Antarctica yeah we have to be a part of the campaign yes yes I don't think many people live there that's that's okay everything else that's right but anyway the the rise up movement basically was talking about the poverty-stricken the middle class which is most of America you're talking about 99% of America that's middle class and below well let's raise people up to new levels if you're in the poverty-stricken area let's raise you up to the middle class if you're in the middle classes raise you to the upper-middle class and if you're in the upper-middle class let's bring you on up to the to the wealthy okay you know so so mr. president yeah cuz I'm just gonna put it out there we gonna calm mr. president because I feel that your campaign is very strong and the values that you have and what you stand for is strong enough to run the United States of America and to be a leader and set new presence for people to follow and be a part of Nessa's theme music Charlie that's the theme music surprised we didn't get you looking darris all right that's all right we just having fun with mr. Ravi Wells for presidency 2020 we are going to applaud you at this point in time three are toast with my new coffee cups all right I got some product placement yes I did here we go matches your beautiful suit see how weird that out if we're gonna cheer so let's Cheers nevertheless Cheers let's drink it up drink it up here we go mm-hmm so back at what I was talking about about you rising up now you have people in the world to say oh well if you're in poverty X Y Z ABC it's easy to say we need to do this well what is the plan to take Skid Row as we know it in LA right and downtown Vegas here for all our homeless people how do you take that to another level is easy to talk about it but starting with them people that are less fortunate then a poverty-stricken for whatever reasons brought them to live on the street in the tents let's say here in Las Vegas what would be something that you can implement in place or here feeling about it to bring change well many we have on any given day in the United States roughly 350,000 people that are homeless some go in and out of it some stay in it for a good while some will stay in it for many many years but we do have that problem and of course in Las Vegas and Los Angeles you have an epidemic of homelessness through these two cities I do have a plan that will erase and eradicate homelessness now a lot of a lot of the problems that you see with with homeless people there may be some mental issues there so we've got to get those people that help that's part of my plan we've got a step by step common-sense approach that we're going to take to this think about this 350,000 people that are homeless on any given day but yet we have over 500,000 churches and charitable organizations here in the United States now as president what I'm going to do yes I am going to challenge each one of those churches and each one of those charitable organizations to build one tiny home out of a shipping container you can do that for less than eight thousand dollars and that would all be tax-deductible everybody needs tax deductions but you think about that we could we could wipe out homelessness very simple and then what I'd like to do like in Las Vegas we'd have a neighborhood of these shipping container homes for the homeless and they've actually got their own home that would be called rise up Las Vegas so not to get you on foot because I do a lot of work downtown I've lovingly embraced a community it's called care yeah it's an outreach downtown that's helping get our homeless people back in the work environment right back living and not living on the street right but I have found that many of the homeless people do not want to live in a shelter they do not want to be in a community where they have to be with two and three and four and five people in one place let alone sleeping in the middle of the night not knowing if someone's filling out of your purse or stealing your belongings while you're asleep and downtown giving downtown Las Vegas some props here off of Las Vegas Boulevard new Cashman Center that is the whole entire homeless area but you have not only the care center but the Salvation Army is down there there's Catholic churches down there and they have a whole huge facility and buildings for you to go in take a shower to eat sleep and do all that but many of the homeless people refuse to go in there because it's not their own because it's not they're wrong so you think that that's what it is I think that has a lot to do with it it really does yeah I'm finding – yes it's not their own but I'm also finding that because it's not their own they don't feel like they should be confined to rules and regulations why do I have to take a shower at five o'clock why do I have to eat it too why can't I eat a three o'clock you see and being down in that community that's what's been going on sure so it's keeping them kind of confined well a lot of problems and I understand that I think that that we should talk more about this after the break yeah but it's the mini Fox talk show so unlike the presidency and you run the United States of America and the White House I'm running the talk show and I haven't decided to go to a break yet but I think you just ran out of film you think I didn't yeah I don't think so I think I got about two minutes left in there so we're gonna have some food here a tough job and we'll be right back after this message hi I'm Robbie wells 2020 Democratic presidential candidate we as a people can achieve greatness for the first time when we erase the lines of separation that have divided us since 1776 you see whether you are black or white young or old male or female gay or straight democrat or republican whatever your religion may be we can lay that aside because we've got one common bond we are all Americans it's time for us to stare down the fear of our differences with the face of courage let's rise up together on the mini Fox talk show well you know with that being said I would really love for you to see the whole entire area downtown where the women's shelters are right our men and young people shelters are it's in the area's right across the street from a very humble Cemetery down on that into town by the cashman's Center and you're going to be in town for a few days and I would just say you know going on there and check it out and that every city that you visit whether it's New York Atlanta Chicago Brazil wherever it is you go and your travels always make it a point to visit not as part of your campaign but a part of the heart and soul there I believe that you are that gives back to the community even if it's so much is to go down there and shake it hand and let them know they're not alone you know many I am all for that while I'm here in Las Vegas in fact I don't make that a big production when it comes to my campaign but wherever I go I do make it a point to go visit with with the homeless or those that are less fortunate whether it was in Los Angeles or whether it was on Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta or down on Magnolia in New Orleans so yeah I'm all for doing that I've been doing that I just don't you know go and broadcast that very very loudly wonderful because again for me that's part of the whole of what the United States where indeed we need to heal we didn't need to come here everything's so segregated whether it's you know the religion or the race or people right and for me rise up means coming together and bridging the draft bridging the gap I agree you know you got me stumbling on my words here describe it well here's what we're gonna do we're gonna go to a break and when we come back from the break we want to find out who mr. Ravi wells is how you grew up a little bit about his childhood and what makes him worthy to be the United States of America president 2020 we'll be right back after this message it's many Fox and as usual I'm on my couch today with a very special guest now you know we do entertainment business beauty fashion community I wanna talk about what's going on in the world today as in the United States of America as in Washington DC the changes that have been brought about over the past two years and what's currently going on what are we going to do to rise up and make a difference are we going to rise up and stand together for the change that's coming for the future in 2020 or women continue to stand behind one another peeking out from each other's shadows to figure out what somebody else is going to do I challenge you today to rise up well there has been many changes here in the United States of America and today we are talking with mr. Ravi wells president elect 2020 the campaign started quite some time ago we're in the heat in the midst of it all visiting many cities and states around the world asking you to stand up to rise up to speak your voice and work together in unity yes absolutely yes I think he had something in that coffee earlier that was good it was good like we a lot of green so mr. president when you go into the White House let's say your very first day in there right paint a picture for us what you think that feeling would be for you because that would be an amazing day a lot of pride yeah a lot of reflection for a very short period of time I guess I should say but reflecting on the the people that helped me get to that point and get me there you know I was very fortunate in fact I'm a miracle to be here I was adopted when I was just six weeks old in fact my birth mother that I just recently met she was a college student she was a music major and she was the lead singer for a band and just like the most young girl she ended up falling the man was older and married had a family one thing led to another she got pregnant and everybody told her it's a blip on the radar don't have this child to the point where they set her up an appointment to terminate and at the last moment this beautiful young girl said no we'll give this child a chance and put this child up for adoption now always said that if I could meet her I would thank her for sending my life in motion because that is my birth mother and three years ago I had that opportunity and now I'm my birth mother and my adopted mother have become really really good friends so I'm gonna reflect on that and more reflect on my dad I'm gonna reflect on a lot of my coaches and one of my teachers that got me to this point a lot of my family and friends that said keep going when when the times were tough because there have been some tough times many many you've seen some of the tough times but just just that perseverance to keep on keeping on hopefully the people in the United States you're going to see that and that's going to inspire somebody else well how did no heart and soul of what you just spoke about gives you grass roots right because many times our children are raised with the silver spoon as they say or they were raised with the fork yeah and when you're raised with the fork you have an opportunity to see everything in the world you see homelessness you've experienced it you have you know what it's like to have cornbread or gravy for dinner you notice like to catch the bus and ride the bus but many of our young people that are born with the silver spoon so to speak there aren't experienced any of that penicillin was a perfect example of that she had never had anything happened to her she's been money money money most of her life and when that big whammy happened whale she didn't know how to handle it because many times when we raised our kids and raise our kids over here instead of raising them like this so they'll know what both sides are about and your mother and your mother the blessings between the two of them have made you who you are today well I think so and you're exactly right when you said that most of us in this world have to work for everything that we get I've been one of those I was not handed everything on a silver platter with a silver spoon stuck up my posterior like our current president this ain't the way he was brought up I've been in situations where I had a job and barely made ends meet I've had jobs where I make great money I've had the job where I had great money and then lost it and had absolutely nothing why most of America so if you're looking for someone that's been in the trenches that's done exactly a lot of the same things that you've done then yeah I'm probably your guy if you're looking for a candidate that can bring this country together I'm probably your guy if you're looking for a candidate that's right there in the middle we're really the Democrats in the middle and the Republicans in the middle they're not that much different they just want a great life for their family and they want to be able to prosper then yeah I'm probably your candidate if you're looking for a presidential candidate that's got a plan for education as far as making college education free and universal childcare because we do we've got to catch up with these other countries when it comes to education then I'm your candidate if you if you're looking for a candidate that's got a plan that makes health care free for every American and he knows how he's gonna pay for it without bankrupting our government then I'm your candidate and he's also your candidate if for whatever reason you decide to be a bad boy or bad girl because his two moms kept coming tomorrow then he's probably your candidate laughs America but yes in all sincerity of what you have said that is very much true and it's really good because our young people that are watching and that means you're supposed to take care of your mom it is said it as a man if you could take care of your mom and be right by your mom then you will know how to treat the women in your life and the women that come through your life right so I'll give you some of it you tell your moms yeah mom Wells and mom Crawford ain't I really am proud that the both of y'all are in my life and I am doubly blessed because most people in this world can't say that they've got two moms at our door room but I do two moms that are door you and they get along yeah they get along we do we do holidays together now do you know what all that is when you came along the way you did and your mother went one way and your new mom took care of you and then she went one way then everyone came to give you know what that is what that shows America that shows that we can know we can do it it shows that that we can find common ground it does but it also gives you hope that by any means necessary hope is always there and hope has a few friends right friends named faith know my patients name prayer right and they all get along they do cuz they can't be without each other and that's what that special story gives it shows that within you there's hope hope that you're gonna bring to the United States of America for change well you know it's funny that you say that because up until about a month ago the mainstream media really was not covering us and then all of a sudden here comes Time magazine with an article announcing that I'm one of the 14 major candidates now there's over 600 people that have already filed their paperwork running for president but only a handful of people actually are considered major candidates but Time magazine this is main mainstream media this is Big Time coming out and saying that I am one of the top 14 candidates in the country now I know that that number is going to change a little bit because we've got a couple more guys that are probably going to get in the race here it looks like the former Vice President Biden is going to get in the race and it looks like beat o'rourke is going to get in the race as well and here's what I will say to each and every one of these these individuals that are getting in this race I look forward to healthy debate with each and every one of you I look forward to bringing our issues to the American people we'll be evaluating each and every one of you as potential members of my cabinet so rise up and pay attention because Robbie Wells it's bringing a difference to the United States of America 2020 campaign has already started you can go to all the social media looking up be involved be involved be involved I can't say it enough because when we all come together we make that change it's been proven over and over and over can I tell them the campaign website real quick tell them the campaign website yes rise up with Robbie calm and that's Robbie with a wife rise up with Robbie dot-com and you can get all the social media in there you can find videos there my bio the platform economics which takes the best from the left wing and the right wing it gets our people in our Congress working together again now you've given us an opportunity to express not only the Democrat side but there are some Republicans that support the beliefs of what Democrats do believe it or not there's a small few to do but it exists and as long as that exists it brings hope as long as there is hope that means we could come full circle and be together now my hats are off to you we are going to toast to your campaign President of the United States of America 2020 the campaign is already in motion you need to rise up rise up you

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