Republic of Ireland feels the Brexit pressure!

Republic of Ireland feels the Brexit pressure!

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The Republic of Ireland is starting to feel the pressure of Brexit as a no-deal result becomes more and more likely.


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With talk of 50-55,000 jobs being at risk in the Republic of Ireland should the UK withdraw from the European Union (EU) on WTO terms, the Irish government has said that a no deal would cause far reaching changes on the island or Ireland.

In its latest contingency report on Brexit, the Irish government has warned that the current frictionless nature of North-South trade would be affected and that the imposition of tariffs and customs checks would cause more cost and disruption for business.

The contingency report also talks about the profound effect that a no deal would have on the Republic and the impact during the first year would be very damaging it says.

Further, the report says that the land bridge across the UK between the Republic and the rest of the EU would be subject to severe delays.

A report in Bloomberg had earlier reported that:

“Ireland is set to acknowledge publicly for the first time the need to set up checks at or around its border with Northern Ireland in a no-deal Brexit scenario, people familiar with the matter said.”

But the Irish government has said this was incorrect. With the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney, reported by as saying:

“The truth is that we will need to take some action somewhere in our economy to ensure that we are protecting the integrity of the products that are then going to be sold on out of Ireland.

“We are not going to put checks on the border or close to it.

“What is under discussion, and has been for a number of weeks now with the European Commission, is how can we in a real and verifiable way, ensure that the integrity of the Single Market is protected and that we don’t have essentially an unprotected back door through Northern Ireland into the EU Single Market.”

One assumes the Irish Republic will find out the real priorities of Brussels with regard to the Good Friday Agreement compared to Single Market integrity in the event of a no deal.

An MEP for The Brexit Party, Brian Monteith, told France 24 that he thinks it will dawn on the EU that a no deal is worse for them and that they will agree to changes to the Withdrawal Agreement that will effectively throw the Republic of Ireland under the bus.

He told the France 24 interviewer:

“It would be far worse for the EU, because the UK is the EU’s largest market and there will be a reaction.

“Look at Ireland, Ireland’s manufacturing and agricultural not only is the UK’s second-largest market after the United States, but so much of its market exports go through the UK.

“So there are real problems for EU countries that have to be faced up to.

“What I anticipate is that Ireland could be kicked under the bus by the EU.

“Because what it will do is seek to resolve the backstop issue.”

But he also added that just solving the backstop issue alone would not be enough for him.

On the UK parliament side, the former trade minister and co-chair of the Prosperity UK Alternative Arrangements Commission, Greg Hands, writes in the Telegraph that he and fellow Tory MP Nicky Morgan, are working hard to find something that would stop a no deal and be acceptable to all parties involved.

So, as the real prospect of a no deal raises its head, we suddenly see lots of reality checks.

All this is just more proof, if needed, that when negotiating you must always have a wide open route to walking away without making a deal. It concentrates the minds of those on the other side of the table.

Wonder how long it will be before the EU and the Republic of Ireland start thinking Gatt XXIV.





27 thoughts on “Republic of Ireland feels the Brexit pressure!

  1. Its a curious dichotomy Jeff that i'd like your take on.

    Both UK & IRL/EU say they don't want a hard border, yet each will need one for their own reasons
    i) UK will demand a hard border to keep non IRL citizens/UK subjects out of UK (common travel area predates EU)
    ii) IRL/EU will need a hard border to protect the integrity of the EU single market

    Both will blame the other for this necessity. After the mess of wk 1 & 2 of no deal in November, there will be a fudge by the end of the year which will satisfy noone and bring down the UK government. I expect that if Corbyn can hold onto Labour reins until then he will be PM in early 2020 and goodness knows what will happen then…

    good luck to our friends in the UK, I hope it turns out better than this but I'm not optimistic. Ireland has toed the line for the EU since the banking crash and took the hit to the tune of €70bn to contain the contagion effect. If IRL shapes to leave the EU this will have a further destabilising effect on EU. EU wont wear this so will throw money at IRL to lessen the impact of Brexit, EU will be conscious of the optics of this Brexit impact for any members who may be swaying, UK will be set adrift, as they have asked for, and IRL will be protected, not because they like IRL and dislike UK, Brexit is an existential threat for EU and needs to be demonstrated as a bad idea, while simultaneously showing remaining loyal to be a good idea.

  2. What do I think? BREXIT, ASAP, by any means necessary. Continue the dual-pronged approach of lawsuit challenging the remain after the March 29 deadline passed, and pressuring for BREXIT on October 31, NO EXCUSES!

  3. And who do we blame? Brextremists!
    At least we are doing, and have been doing, a hell of a lot more than Britain.
    As for that Brexit party member? Kicking under the bus is furthest from the EU's mind. Sure, a British Brexiteer would have no problem with that. How many times has Britian in all its forms done the same in the past? Abandoning Ireland is a sure fire way to dissolve the Union as other small EU members , particularly the Baltic states, realise they can not rely on the central EU members for aid against aggressive neighbours. The whole argument over trade volumn is woefully out of date as well, with only 9.5% of our overall trade going to the UK as of June 2019 and with new efficient trade routes being opened from Ireland's southern ports to France and Spain. The largest transport vessel currently at sea, MV Celine, is now plying that route under the Irish Republic's flag, as well as over two dozen other super container ships from Ireland and the EU. Finally, GAT 24 had already been completely debunked and discounted by the EU, the WTO and even British economic experts. So, don't get excited. Ireland is not budging, for us it is literally war or peace

  4. You have to hand it to Trump, he knows how to negotiate, let's hope Boris Trump is as good. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉🎉😆😆😎😎👴🏼👴🏼🎯🎯😇😇🍻

  5. well you in ireland should have known better .when the European NAZI union put a bum boy in charge of your country .you gang of puffs.

  6. Someone from England talking about irish politics is hilarious, he does not have a clue what he is on about, Ireland only trades 14% of its goods with Britain, out of Britain's 6 largest trading partners , Ireland is the only country that Britain make a trade surplus off. Most of our heavy goods are sent by boat from dublin port, rosslare and cork, which will now be going direct to Netherlands and France, economics is not what worries irish people it's the resurgence of paramilitary groups that could start up violence all over again.

  7. We are well used to Britain treatening and calling us names. Dont worry about us. Please just go but i have a feeling ye will end up begging for more time again on the 31st.

  8. It's hilarious reading the comment section, and seeing all the misinformed Brexiteers.They then start making up pathetic lies but once again get beaten down with facts. The for some strange reason they dnt reply back to a post. "The silence is deafening" Hahahahaha

  9. The EU have effectively thrown the ROI under the bus with the beef import deal between them and South American countries.

  10. I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Dublin from all the way up here in Ulster, loving it. The Irish toe-rags tried it on with the Backtrap scam and now they need some serious payback. Their Dublin-centric actions using the border as a stick to beat the Brits with shows why no sane Unionist would ever vote for a united ireland and why 50% of nationalists won't either.

  11. Ireland and the people there don't call it the Republic of Ireland they just say Ireland and I'm British and I know that, but anyways Ireland has to decide quickly are you with us the UK or the EU put it this way 80% of your exports are to us and we will care about you well I would unlike the EU. So who you with plus there's Irexit it's popped up and it might gain support if the EU keeps nagging on about the "backstop" the Irish might say fuck it we'll handle it aka the good Friday agreement or we could potentially sell Northern Ireland to the Irish or the EU. It's not ideal but hey you'd make money and it would solve the whole problem with the British and "IRA" there.

  12. Poor Irish people they must be so fed up with which way to turn,they really could find themselves in a lot of negative agreements with the Eu.

  13. The Irish Government repeatedly ignore their people.

    I hope the UK leaves on "no deal" WTO and it's bankrupts Ireland!

    That's it the EU doesn't do that first by forcing higher tax. As the UK leaves, it becomes more attractive, especially to the multinational tech companies!

  14. Why doesn't england just become an independent country, with it's own laws, borders, etc. Give up northern ireland to the EU and Scotland. It's really for the best. Then England (with all the wealth and population) can imitate Ireland and become a tax haven. It's a win win.

  15. They seem to think the whole of the UK should be held to ransom because a bunch of childish Micks cant cope with a simple border. Fuck em put a border in, let em fucking cry, twats.

  16. Varadkar keeps insulting uk. He claims uk isn't important no more. Yet the people of Ireland have to buy English cars because it's cheaper, they have highest taxes in Europe, vat rates at 23 %, no health care system, corrupt police. Outside of Dublin and main city's the people are left like dinosaurs with no infrastructure, they don't have there own bank of currency, not a member of nato, have no industry part from beef sales to fast food restaurants in uk, (the eu just signed the irish farmers off with the South American beef agreement) cost of daily living must be highest in Europe, with inflation rates at silly high, but yeah they have room to insult us. Who's the real free country here? 🤔 😁 It's so backwards I can go on but I will end up dribbling so I don't want to. Thick mick.

  17. All biased lies every thing will be fine not long to wait now.WTO is the only way to go make our union & country great again.

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