47 thoughts on “The Guardian Alternate Ending

  1. The original ending is best
    . The one record that Jake will never beat. The 2md is good though just more emotion to the 1st

  2. The alternative ending makes no sense. Why would he decided to sacrifice himself and then regret it and allow Jake to save him? Isn't in line with his character. Glad they went with the original.

  3. There was a scene where the woman in the bar talked about how Senior Chief held onto a man for an incredibly long time, breaking nearly every tendon in his arm, holding on with just his finger tips. I thought if Fisch had done that, it would have made a good ending.

  4. I’m going to always watch this ending. I know the original is the point of the movie but I prefer he stays alive…so I will never watch the other ending again. I will stop the movie and search this one 😂

  5. I'm not a very big fan of sad endings, however some are considered excellent and powerful, thus this is one of those few movies where I have to say, I like both endings.

  6. Yeah or an ending where he drops in the water Ashton Kutcher cuts his line also and they both wait for a rescue in a raft that would’ve been OK. But yes the original ending is the ☝️

  7. when i saw the movie said damn "he didnt save him "but now i see this alt ending prefer the original >< dunno why but the original more powerfull this alt ending isn't right in mystirious king way Do you feel me ?

  8. Ask those guys about the reading the manual between the lines. Their rescues where honor leaves their egos at the door coming in where they do it not talk about it. And do it with the leastest of resources without complaining. Had Jesus been on the cross in front of them or anyone else these guys would have fought to get them back to safety. I heard an Air Force retiree say give credit where credit is due and these guys deserve credit. We want you in that helo we need you on that helo and thankfulness to that need not be a punchline at parties.

  9. i do agree the one that in the movie make it a powerful yet somber movie ….. the only 2 other time ive shed a tear and do everytime i watch a cretian movie was
    { The Guardian – CG +plus never let go them )
    { Taking Chance [ departing plane Salute- MC ) –
    (MASH goodbye ,farewell,Amen – AR [Sherman Salute / GOODBYE] Harkeye ) –
    {Tuskegee airman [we were requested] – AF )
    Top Gun – Af /navy [ Goose }

  10. If this was the ending I wouldn't even have remembered this movie. The emotional power of the original ending is what makes it memorable. I'm glad they didn't chose this ending.

  11. With this ending the story loses its meaning because then he can't be "The Guardian" …… Even though it was sad him dying is what made him the guardian!!!!

  12. I prefer the original, and i totally dislike this one. I think it… makes the movie when he falls, and without that there wouldn't be "The Guardian"

  13. ppl need to realize that some times the Coast Guard lose men as well not always a happy ending with rainbows and lollipops!😞

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